Member JB
JB is an engineer with a major telecommunications firm in Nashville. He attended a Catholic college in Indiana, and while his majors were in business, his minors included studies in theological philosophy. Several of his teachers were Jesuit Priests and one, in particular, became one of JB's favorite instructors. Their discussions from a Judeo-Christian perspective included deep discussions around death, heaven, hell, demonology, angels, the Holy Spirit, and human spirituality. This instructor profoundly influenced his life, and contributed to his open-minded, yet skeptical nature. Because of his line of work, JB also has a fair understanding of electro-magnetic interference and the impact of magnetic fields on electronic equipment and human beings. Investigative equipment that he uses includes tape and digital voice recorders, film and digital cameras, EMF detectors, and various temperature apparatus.

Member AB
AB is a system analyst with a local healthcare company. In college he studied business, primarily accounting, psychology, and literature. He has been interested in the paranormal since his teenage years, when his family acquired and renovated a house with paranormal activity. He is married for over 25 years with one son. AB has over 8 years of investigative experience and has been lead investigator many times. Investigative equipment includes tape and digital voice recorders, digital cameras, and KII meter. He is mildly sensitive to paranormal activity, but still skeptical in nature. "I love the hunt for the unexplained", he says.

Member LW
LW is a private business owner. She considers herself to be a sensitive. She began having paranormal experiences starting around age 8. Her experiences have led her to believe that there are indeed spirits who wish to communicate and remain here for a reason. Her paranormal experiences include EVP communication, unexplained photo evidence and visual sightings. Investigative equipment she generally uses are digital recorders and digital cameras. "My goal is to communicate with the entity involved and to discern the reason for why they remain here. I am a true believer in ghosts, spirits and paranormal activity.", she says.

Member RB
RB has been married for 25 years with one child. She is a huge animal lover. She does criminal background checks on people for a living. She was raised with the belief of spirits. Her parents and grandmother talked openly about them. She has been a paranormal investigator for approximately 9 years. She discovered that she’s fairly good using dowsing rods. She can find graves, water and sometimes get spirits to answer through them. She currently lives in a house that has a resident "grandmother" spirit. "I can really relate to people who have questions and/or concerns about living with spirits. Sometimes you don't know until you walk in someone else’s shoes.", she says.